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“Krysta Youngs is a true artist and a true professional. Her music is also the truth - she doesn’t hold back. She knows how to get things done - from a cocktail napkin scribble to a polished video - and her ability to will something beautiful into existence is a sight to see. She won’t waste your time and she always delivers the goods. Hire her while you can still afford her, my friends. Krysta Youngs is a star.”

Liquid Todd - Sirius XM

"I loved working with Krysta.  We had multiple writing sessions and she even helped me revamp my hit "Tell it to my Heart".  Krysta is a gem and I love her."

Taylor Dayne

"Krysta has always been awesome to work with.  She knows music up and down.  She has an ear for pop smashes as well!  She's easy to collaborate with, has great energy and a fun personality to be around!"

Lexy Panterra

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Krysta over the past few years, having visibility into her work, cooperating on marketing campaigns, and meeting on more than one occasion. She is forthcoming, fun, direct and professional, and of course, she's a great songwriter and singer.“

Shachar Gilad - Owner of SOUNDBETTER

“I’ve worked with Krysta for years now & she’s one of my top go-to’s - there’s no one more intuitive or inspired! Her determination & passion to constantly create, set her apart from the others… Krysta is a badass, that’s the bottom line y’all!”


“ Krysta Youngs is one of my favorite writers and voices in this industry.  So much energy and talent balled up into one person. I also love everything she does to help the songwriting community and the up and comers in this industry.”

Mike Daley - Producer

“Collaborating with Krysta is the absolute best! Can guarantee an incredible song, and definitely lots of fun! Super talented, able to start from scratch or top line a track! Looking forward to working with her, always!”

Myah Marie

"If you get a chance to work with Krysta Youngs, I highly suggest it! Not only is she an amazing writer/vocal artist, but she is also an incredible person all around and true friend. Both songs she has written for me are absolute hits!! Not only did she deliver catchy melodies, she also delivered iconic lyrics in a very short time. I truly can not think of a better artist to give my stamp of approval!"

Laganja Estranja

"My favorite person! Super cool writer. Always enjoyed working with Krysta. 
You need to live in Korea!!!"

Kay Kim - SM Entertainment

"Krysta is in a league of her own. The way she takes the time to understand the artists she’s in a room with is what made me fall in love with her as a collaborator. No one has been able to craft my story quite like the way she has. She creates a safe space for you to be vulnerable & gets the best out of you, while creating songs that have immense depth & haunting beauty."

Pia Toscano

“Very friendly and professional. Crazy passion and energy. Absolutely wonderful to work with. Krysta always delivered exactly what I had envisioned for every projects, and even above and beyond what I imagined was possible.”🤘

Maxx Song

"Krysta is one of my favorite people in the world to work with.  She’s fun, creative, can sing, produce and uses all of this to always pulls the best out whatever we are working on."


David Quinones

"I absolutely love Krysta for a few reasons.  First, she is an infinite source of creativity. Second, she is one of the most intuitive songwriters I know , she feels my soul and knows perfectly well of things I can and I can’t do . Additionally she loves dogs !! Haahha people that love dogs are good people :) I love Krysta and want to work with her all the time !"



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